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I called you today to see if you had any gluten free cupcakes for my daughter who isn’t able to eat much. You did not have any ready, but graciously took the time to tell me where I could find your baked goods around Hampton Roads. We drove over to the Organic Food Depot just to find this special treat. I wanted to share with you our daughter Peyton’s first bites of one of your chocolate chip muffins. It is the first time she has ever had a bite of muffin. She has had a long battle with intestinal failure due to a disease called mitochondrial disease. She is on IV nutrition and has a feeding tube. Treats like this come far between and it really made her day, month probably. She said she didn’t imagine it could taste so good. All five bites her tummy allowed her to take we’re absolutely worth it. Thank you so much for taking the time today to help us make our daughters day a little brighter.


“I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your baked goods. My boyfriend couldn’t stop eating the cookies and sneaking the peanut butter cups from the fridge, even though he doesn’t need to be dairy free like me. The cinnamon rolls were the best I’ve ever had, they were exactly what a cinnamon roll should be, in flavor and especially texture. I am sad to move so far away after just discovering you, but I will certainly be ordering some shipments from our new home in upstate NY in the future! Thank you for what you do, the world needs more bakers like you!” — Allyson Keyser

“These cinnamon rolls are so delicious.  Rolls of fluffy stretchy cinnamony dough baked into swirls of perfection from” — Vegan Virginia Beach
“The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cupcake rocked!” — Cassandra with Twisted Sister Cupcake
“Thanks for the tray of goodies you dropped at the shelter – YUM -Everyone needs to place an order!”  — Kathleen Shambo
“OMG Fudge!!!!! It was Ah-mazing.”  —  Kristin Stine
“This food is sooooo good.” —  Debbie Rockwell