All Vegan.

All Delicious.

All Vegan.
All Delicious.

No Meat, Eggs, or Dairy products are permitted in our facility.

Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm

Sat: 8am-6pm

Sun: 10pm-2pm

2024 Ice Cream Flavor Schedule

February – Coffee / Chocolate

March – Irish Cream / Vanilla

April – Marshmallow / Chocolate

May – Strawberry / Vanilla

June – Strawberry / Chocolate

July – Chocolate / Vanilla

August – Cheesecake / Chocolate

September – Cake Batter / Chocolate

October – Pumpkin / Vanilla

November – Maple / Vanilla

December – Eggnog / Chocolate


Donut Schedule

Subject to Change


Red Velvet (Cake)

Espresso Filled Heart (Yeast)

Original Glaze (Yeast)

White Choc Raspberry (Yeast)

Maple Braid (Yeast)



Red Velvet (Cake)

Chocolate (Cake)

Original Glaze (Yeast)

Smores Filled Heart (Yeast)

Chocolate Cherry (Yeast)

Maple Braid (Yeast)


Red Velvet (Cake)

Chocolate (Cake)

Original Glaze (Yeast)

Choc Raspberry filled Heart (Yeast)

Lemon Blueberry (Yeast)

Maple Braid (Yeast)


Red Velvet (Cake)

Chocolate (Cake)

Apple Cider (Cake)

Oreo Filled Heart (Yeast)

Conversation Heart (Yeast)

Chocolate Glaze (Yeast)

Turtle (Yeast)

Chocolate Braid (Yeast)



Red Velvet (Cake)

Chocolate (Cake)

Apple Cider (Cake)

Strawberry Filled (Yeast)

Chocolate Glaze (Yeast)

Original Glaze (Yeast)

Chocolate Coconut Ring (Yeast)

Maple Braid (Yeast)


Apple Cider (Cake)

Cosmic Brownie (Cake)

Red Velvet (Cake)

Maple Braid (Yeast)

Boston Cream (Yeast)

Lemon Tart (Yeast)

Raspberry Filled (Yeast)

PB Oreo (Yeast)

Glazed (Yeast)


Boston Cream (Yeast)

Maple Braids (Yeast)

Chocolate (Cake)

Pink Frosted Sprinkle (Yeast)

Chocolate Glaze (Yeast)

Red Velvet (Cake)

Cake Pricing and Flavors

Please click to see our Order Guide for more our policies and recommendations!

6″ cakes start at $37.50

8″ cakes start at


10″ cakes start at


GF cakes add 25%

of the overall cost.


6″ cakes start at $37.50
8″ cakes start at $47.50
10″ cakes start at $64.95
GF cakes add an additional 25% of the overall cost.

Chocolate Cake

3 Layers | Triple Chocolate Rich cake with fluffy chocolate between the layers. Topped with Chocolate frosting and drizzle with chocolate shards.

Chocolate PB Cup

2 Layers | Delicious chocolate cake filled with chunks of PB fudge, PB frosting inside & out. Topped with chocolate drizzle and scratch made pb cubs.

Chocolate Chip cookie dough

3 Layers | Naked cake with our rich chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate chip cookies dough frosting. Topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate drizzle, cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie pieces.

Hot chocolate

3 Layers | Creamy chocolate base with melted chocolate filled and topped with fluffy marshmallow frosting, marshmallows & cocoa powder.

German Chocolate

3 Layers | Rich, traditional German chocolate cake base with traditional frosting of vanilla buttercream mixed with coconut shreds and pecan pieces. Topped with pecan halves.

Chocolate berry dream

3 Layers | Chocolate cake filled with strawberry jam, covered in creamy vanilla buttercream topped with sliced strawberries

Plain Jane Vanilla

3 Layers | Fluffy vanilla cake that will melt in your mouth. Vanilla buttercream inside & out. Choice of frosting roses or sprinkles.

Grandmas Vanilla

3 Layers | Our signature vanilla cake with rich chocolate frosting inside and out topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Raspberry cream

3 Layers | Vanilla cake filled with raspberry jam, covered in cream cheese frosting, topped with raspberries.

Rainbow Cake (not GF)

3 Layers | Colorful vanilla! Blue, Pink, & yellow with white vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top.


3 Layers | Vanilla cake mixed with pastel funfetti sprinkles. Filled with fluffy vanilla cream, frosted with funfetti filled frosting and topped with even more funfetti sprinkles.

Cookies and Cream

3 Layers | Classic vanilla cake mixed with crushed Oreos. Filled with vanilla Buttercream, and cookie pieces.

Almond Cake

3 Layers | Delicious Almond Vanilla cake, with almond Buttercream inside & out. Topped with sliced almonds.

Coconut cream

3 Layers | Classic vanilla cake filled with layers of custard and buttercream. Covered in coconut shards.

Carrot Cake

3 Layers | Out perfect, moist, classic carrot cake. Nut free and raisin free. Filled and topped with our amazing cream cheese frosting. Decorated with carrot design.


3 Layers | A perfect balance of vanilla and orange cake using orange juice and zest. Topped and filled with orange / vanilla buttercream.

Lemon Coconut

3 Layers | A sweet, zesty, lemon cake. Filled with lemon curd and buttercream. Topped with buttercream and topped with toasted coconut.

Red Velvet

3 Layers | Classic red velvet mixture of vanilla, cocoa, and a hint of almond. Made with almond frosting & heart sprinkles. (nut-free)

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