Ordering Guide 2022

If you wish to place an order, please do not Email us. Please CALL 757-279-4789, or place your order in-store.

Cupcake Orders

We Request that cupcakes be ordered 48 hours in advance at a bare minimum. This is for basic, smaller cupcake orders. If you have a large order of a specific flavor / allergy request, the best option is to call us at 757-279-4789, or visit our store in-person roughly 7 days prior.

Please keep in mind, we are a single small location. We are not able to accomidate last minute, large orders similar to how chain-bakeries operate.

The flavors for cupcakes we offer are the same as listed on the Home page under “cakes”

Cake Orders

We request that cakes be ordered a MINIMUM of 7 days in advance.

We are a small location with a single cake decorator, and we get a lot of orders each week. If you have an important cake you need done for a birthday, or event, please get to us well in advance of the event to ensure everything is as desired.

If You Are in a Pinch

If you ask for us to make a custom birthday cake day-of, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate that. However, we generally will have pre-cut cake slices, and cupcakes in the case to choose from. If that does not work for you, please order ahead of time.

Cookie Orders

Cookie orders can usually be accommodated within 48 hours depending on the flavor and quantity.

If you are requesting more than 4 dozen, please call further in advance to ensure we can garuntee the order for you.

Other Orders

If you have questions about any other items other than what is listed above please call us at 757-279-4789 in advance.

Some items are only made once or twice a week, so we may no be able to accommodate last-minute orders depending on the item.