Cake Orders

When ordering a cake from My Vegan Sweet Tooth, we generally ask you order AT LEAST 7-days ahead of time, possibly longer depending on the complexity of the cake, and how may orders are ahead of you.

We thank you for your patience.

Our Standard Flavors:

– Chocolate

– Vanilla

– Cookies and Cream

– Red Velvet

– Mint Chocolate

– Carrot

– Lemon Coconut

– German Chocolate

– Chocolate Peanut Butter


– Gluten

We offer the option to make all of our cakes gluten-free, for a 25% up-charge.

– Soy

All of our cakes (unless specified with Cream Cheese Frosting) are free from Soy Protein. All of our frosting used for cakes do contain soy lecithin, however we may be able to accommodate certain cakes without soy. please inquire further if you have a soy allergy.

– Sugar

We offer sugar free cakes in two flavors, Carrot, and Chocolate for an additional 35% up-charge.

-Peanuts & tree nuts

At My Vegan Sweet Tooth our facility does contain peanuts & tree nuts. We do out best to ensure no cross contamination occurs however, we cannot guarantee it never occurs. For that reason, if you have an extreme peanut allergy, we recommend looking for an allergen-free bakery.

Cake Prices

Note: adding Decorations, Fondant, Edible images, Fruit, or Tiers can increase the price significantly.

6″ Cake (3 layers)

-Starts at $34.95

8″ Cake (3 layers)

-Starts at $44.95

10″ Cake (3 layers)

-Starts at $59.95

12″ Cake (3 layers)

-Starts at $79.95

9″ x 13″ Cake (1/4 Sheet)

-Starts at $49.95

11″ x 14″ Cake (1/2 Sheet)

-Starts at $64.95


To order a cake please call us at 757-279-4789, or order in-store.

Note: Please do not attempt to make CAKE ORDERS through Social media, or email. We likely will not see it in time, or wont see it entierly. Thank you for your cooperation.


Cake prices are NOT FINAL, and subject to significant changes. If, During our decorating process one of our cake decorators deems is necessary to modify an aspect of the cake that modifies the aesthetic / price of the cake, we will contact you ASAP on the matter, and attempt to work with your desires. We thank you for your patience with us as a small business.